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Life In Your 30s: Lessons You Learn in Your 30s

life in your 30s
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Oh, twenties, you’re adorable. So care-free, no mortgage, no Roth IRA, no kids (for some).

It’s great, right? Life in your 30s vs 20s is very different.

Well, don’t get too comfortable in your 20s as here are 17 unexpected things you learn in your 30s.

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Here is the list of things you learn in your 30s:

1. That you can go without sleep. As you get to 30, the all nighters became that much harder. In your 20s, lack of sleep was an everyday thing

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2. Friendship never ends. In your twenties, it’s friends for life. In your thirties, that’s a shitty Spice Girls song.

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3. You’ll figure out your life soon. Nope. Never happens.

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4. That its okay to be single…..Nope, when you hit 30 the fear of dying alone sinks in.

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5. That you will never stop hitting the clubs and concerts. “YOU HAVE TO FIGHT, FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PAAAARTY!”

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6. Making money is more important than a healthy life-work balance.

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7. That you can make a difference. When you’re 20 you want to save the world. When you’re 30 you just hope you can save yourself.

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8. Believing that the dog you got when you were 25 will make it to your 40s.

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9. That you can effect change in the government. To quote Frank Turner “I’m young enough to be all pissed off, but I’m old enough to be jaded. I’m of the age where I want things to change, but with my age my hopes have faded”.

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10. You don’t need sunscreen.

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11. That your skill, dedication, hard work, and ability to network will pay off. It might. It might not.

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12. That the pop music of your generation was high quality and would stand the test of time.

13. That you will make it as a professional athlete.

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14. Hope of home ownership.

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15. That you’ll do something worthwhile with your life rather than getting stuck into the 9-5 like your parents before you.

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16. Smoking cigs at parties is cool.

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17. That you have all the time in the world to travel. 

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What with all the housewarmings, kid parties, and work, you barely have time to remember to eat. These are 17 the unexpected things you will learn in your 30s.'
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