Michael Moritz Net Worth 2022

Michael Moritz Net Worth 2022: 5.3 Billion. Michael Moritz was number one in Forbes “Midas List” for 2006 and 2007.

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Michael Moritz Net Worth:

5.3 Billion USD

If you search for Michael Moritz online, you will come up with a wealth of information about one of the initial sponsors of this company in its infancy. Even the verb has become a household word and people who inhabit the online world use it frequently.

Who Is Michael Moritz?

Mr. Moritz was born in Cardiff, Wales. With two masters degrees in hand, he joined Time as a reporter, writing one book about the success of Apple: The Little Kingdom: the Private Story of Apple Computer, and co-authoring a book about Chrysler: The Chrysler Story. Leaving Time, he became the co-entrepreneur of Technologic Partners which published a technology newsletter. Later he joined Sequoia Capital, a venture capital company.

The Evolution of His Fortune

Although he has made many wise choices in the companies he favors, probably the deal that made his reputation solid came in 1999. Sequoia Capital, through Michael Moritz’s campaign and pushing, co-invested $25M with Kleiner Perkins another venture capital company in Google that was then just a small search company. That original investment of $12.5M was worth over $2B five years later. He has not hurt his reputation any by investing in Yahoo, eToys, Flextronics, and PayPal. All firms which have prospered remarkably.

His Present Interests

Michael Moritz was number one in Forbes “Midas List” for 2006 and 2007. According to an interview with Mr. Moritz in Business Week, the economy has not stopped venture capital investing. Sequoia Capital is still searching for young people who are not intimidated by the downturn and who staunchly support their aggressive idea to the point of presenting it to Sequoia Capital. He does not think Silicon Valley can cure all the unemployment woes, but he thinks it could create lots of service-oriented jobs.

A Few Tips for Following in His Footsteps

1. Be earnest in getting a good education. Do not waste your college years. Michael Moritz did not limit his studies to business, he attained a Master of Arts in history and then gained his Master of Business Administration.

2. Michael Moritz built up a library of books that caught his interest. You do not have to be a fast reader, you do need to be a thorough reader. Be selective in what you read. Read biographies of people who made their mark in history. Pick out the key elements that made them great or caused their fall. Read philosophers.

3. It took foresight in Michael Moritz’s thinking to choose to back Google. Stay actively thinking of ways in which you excel and skills you do best. By examining your world around you and thinking clearly about what could be done to improve it, you may come up with some great ideas that will put you on the path to wealth.

4. Michael Moritz overcame some handicaps in his career. He moved into a different culture when he came to the U.S. but that didn’t stop him. When you see a goal ahead, keep moving toward the goal.

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