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9 Best Alternatives To Cable TV That’ll Save You Money

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When you get your cable TV bill every month, odds are that it’s over $50.00 per month. What if I told you there are alternatives to cable TV that’ll save you money but still let you watch your favorite shows?

In fact, you have quite a few options if you want some cable alternatives.

How to watch tv without cable or satellite

The simplest way and most cost-effective way requires going back to the basics. By that I mean, you can watch tv without cable by getting an antenna for your home.

Did you know that digital antennas have evolved dramatically over the years? The signals HDTV Antennas receive and deliver are superior to the compressed signals coming over cable TV.

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My favorite is this HDTV Antenna that has 120 mile-long radius.

Although there are some antennas priced in the vicinity of $40, the new advanced antennas worth around $90+ have the capability of receiving HD quality signals over a 100+ mile radius.

Depending upon your location, by installing a quality antenna could allow you to view as many as 60 channels – cutting the cord big-time.

You’ll get the big networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox with just the one-time expense of buying and setting up a quality antenna. My favorite is this HDTV Antenna that has 120 mile-long radius, which you can check the price here.

But you still may not receive channels of your particular choice or your location could be in an area where signals are sparse – then you would need to go to step two, which is quite often the case.

Step Two:

No Antennas. Even before you consider any device or gadget or start selecting channel packages you have to consider a very important aspect that most people consider at the very end.


Fast, strong internet. Cutting the cord leaves you with only one option for getting the channels of your choice – streaming them over the internet.

Internet upwards of 30 megabits per second, anything less could obstruct receiving clear, crisp signals. You can check how fast your internet speed is by going here.

Not taking this aspect into consideration often results in complicated techy tweakings of gadgets or maybe even replacements.

Once the internet issue is taken care of or at least all options are weighed, then you can move on to reviewing the kind of device that will perform best for you.

Best Streaming Devices

The 5 most popular devices with versatility and ease of use suggested unanimously by saving experts are:

#1. Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku stick is priced for all pockets and adaptable to almost all sets. It has a great look and its application is easy to understand and use. The price ranges from $40+ to $100+ for different models depending on the choice and usage.

#2. The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Extremely popular with cord cutters and rightly so. The Amazon Fire TV stick has a modest price tag of $40+ with great adaptability and ease of use. It plugs into your TV’s HDMI port providing you access to movies, subscription channels, TV shows, games and much more.

#3. Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is very economically priced at $35+ but with a slight handicap. Controlled from your phone or tablet – just a wee bit different and despite its attractive price may not be everybody’s choice.

#4. Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV is pricey at $199 but an extremely powerful streamer that supports 4K HDR, specifically suited for PC gamers. Compatible  to the Android system and works very well with Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu applications.

#5. Apple TV

The price tag is high at $179+ for an Apple TV but to most Apple users its a deal. Incredibly beautiful 4K streaming. Supports heavyweights like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ESPN and much, much more.

With these and many more options it is important to be able to choose the right device for your needs. Some tweaks may be necessary before you achieve a comfort level.

TV Streaming Packages

Tons of packages to choose from. Each package containing many channels can be subscribed to on a monthly payment basis. You can try different packages until you find a mix of channels that you would like to view most – or you could subscribe to several different packages as most consumers do.

Some of the most popular TV streaming packages are :

Netflix: Has a very large variety of content for entertainment and movies and starts at $8 per month.

Hulu & Hulu+: Entertainment and Movies are their strong appeal and they too start at $8 per month.

SlingTV: Entertainment, Movies, and Sports. Starting at $25+ per month

PlayStation Vue: Offers Movies and Entertainment and starts at $30 per month.

Amazon Instant Video: Entertainment and Movies at $99 a year [$8+ per month].

HBO Now: Starts at $15 a month and offers a mix of movies and entertainment.

Bottom Line

The cable television phenomenon, a constantly changing and evolving behemoth has completely dazzled consumers in recent years with limitless choices of what to watch on television.

But things are already changing.

A lot of people feel that they are paying a lot of money for channels they don’t watch and they are almost desperate to find cable alternatives. Although it can’t be denied that there is still high value in traditional pay-tv services.

There is also the lure that ‘cutting the cord’ actually means eliminating the darn cable TV bill and although it does get rid of the pesky cable bill and contracts, it actually only decreases the cost of watching choice channels substantially.

So three things overwhelmingly push the cable TV consumers into finding other means of watching television channels of their choice:

  • The urge to be completely free of the irksome cable guys with their hefty bills and their equally irksome contracts.
  • Save money in the process and still be able to watch all the channels of their choice. A win-win.
  • Finding a way to get free cable tv (legally).

Once the cord has at last been cut and the traditional Pay TV ushered out the inevitable question that pops up is ‘what did we gain from this rather complicated exercise?’

The brief answers below will sum it all up:

  • Freedom at last from the pesky cable guys. No more cable TV bills, no more contracts. A big relief.
  • Savings is the meaty part. Not counting the one time expense of the devices purchased, the savings compared to Cable TV is one third. Meaning, if the spend with cable TV was $100 previously you would now save $30 and get the same viewing options.

Happy viewing.'

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