Best Scandinavian Countries to Visit

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Want to experience a rich culture and broaden your mind? Consider visiting the best Scandinavian countries, you won't be disappointed. The Scandinavian region includes seven countries and a complex of islands but the main countries are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

All the Nordic countries are similar but at the same time vastly different.

Even if you are wondering which Scandinavian country you should move to or just want to learn more about the Nordic countries for travel, let's learn more.

Here are our recommendations on the top Scandinavian countries to visit.

Best Scandinavian country to visit?

Here are the best Scandinavian cities and countries that you should consider traveling too.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

The Geirangerfjord meets all the standards to create it Norway’s king of the fjords. Over 9 miles long and slightly below a mile wide it's been selected a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage website. Enclosed by steep cliffs on each side, the Geirangerfjord is adorned with many terribly impressive waterfalls and a few of the most scenic hiking trails within the world.

If you’re itching to see an attraction then this Scandavanian city won't disappoint.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The isolated islands, that are north of the polar circle, are blessed landscapes that look as if they could have been created by video game designers. Stark and steep mountain peaks back the glacial waters that mirror the blue of the sky and also the colorful, painted fishing huts that line their shores.

If you like the nice outdoors and ar the audacious sort, the Lofoten Islands is the ideal place for you. The fjords are good for canoeing or kayaking or if you would like to explore, hiking over the strength of Austvågøya Island ought to air your list.

Råbjerg Mile and Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Denmark

If you visit the Råbjerg Mile in Denmark, don’t stand still for too long. The spectacular stretch of sand dunes creeps forward at a rate of just under sixty feet a year and engulf everything in their path. Phenomenal in nature, the dunes will reach anyplace up to at least one hundred and thirty feet tall. That’s a great deal of sand and also the nearest factor to a dessert you’ll find in Scandinavia.

If a visit to the Sahara to photograph the dunes there's is out of the question, then you ought to go here instead. The Råbjerg Mile ridge formation is consistently dynamical from week to week thus no 2 pictures are ever very identical. Go there while the Rubjerg Knude beacon light continues to be standing.

Löyly Sauna, Finland

The Löyly Sauna in Finland’s capital town, Helsinki is a very special Nordic city to visit. Spectacularly trendy, the city district installation appearance out over the Baltic.  There’s a plethora of really stylish restaurants and a few nice restaurant terraces that'll allow you to enjoy the views.

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

If you’ve ever puzzled what it would like to have your own non-public island, you wish to sail around the capital of Sweden Archipelago. With upward of twenty thousand islands unfold throughout the Baltic, your imagination would have masses to settle on from. Seize the moment with a kayak, every new day will bring a brand new destination.

Preikestolen, Norway

The Preikestolen or Dais Rock is one amongst nature’s distinctive rock formations and is the most illustrious viewpoint in Norway. You can get some of the best photography photos and take in the rich history of this Scandinavian city.

Oresund Underwater Bridge, Denmark and Sweden

When a man puts his mind to construction the results will usually be astounding. The Oresund Underwater Bridge that links the Kingdom of Sweden with Denmark is one amongst those feats. It stretches for pretty many 5 miles across the Oresund Strait and is that the longest road and Railway Bridge within the world. Its imposing style, virtually as painting because the sound Bridge, is visible from the air once you fly into Copenhagen.

Driving over the Oresund Bridge could be surreal expertise. One minute you’re cruising virtually 200 feet on top of the water following plunging right down to over thirty feet below it. In but fifteen minutes you'll leave the Kingdom of Sweden and be in Denmark or the other way around relying on wherever you’re coming back from. Positively a drive everybody ought to do a minimum of once in their life.

Koli National Park, Finland

The landscapes of the Koli parkland aren’t simply gorgeous, they’re conjointly inspiring. Voted the simplest hiking space in the European nation in 2013, the superb views from the Koli Hills have lighted the inventive juices of the many illustrious artists. The park has over eighty kilometers of hiking routes that wind through centuries previous, nonvascular plant lined forests, great camping spots, past waterfalls, and clear meadow-like clearings.

Take the path up Ukko-Koli Hill and once you reach the summit, over 300 and fifty meters on top of water level, you’ll be rewarded with the known scenic view altogether of Finland – the panorama of Lake Pielinen. If you favor taking a seat and muse on the wonders of the planet, then climb the hiking route up Paha-Koli Hill. You’ll notice Finland’s most illustrious viewpoint at the highest, a large jutting rock wherever you'll rest and ponder the incredible views of the lake below.

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