The Ultimate Millennial Travel Bucket List for 2024

This is my millennial bucket list. It is a list of 150+ things I want to complete before I die. It will continuously be altered, updated, and changed.

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This is the ultimate Millennial Bucket List. It is a list of 150+ things you will want to complete in your lifetime. It should continuously be altered, updated, and changed, much yourself in your 20s and 30s.

Your goal should be able to check off at least 100 items off the bucket list before your 35th birthday.

Why create a bucket list?

For me, I’ve been living my days spending most of my time caught up in a flurry of day-to-day activities. I have developed a feeling that my days are passing by me and I’m not making the most out of every day.

What have I accomplished in the past 3 months? What are my upcoming goals for the next 3 months?

Having this bucket list reminds me of what’s really important so that I can act on them. I have come to learn that unique and fun experiences are most important to me and I cherish those memories.

The whole point of creating a Millennial Bucket List is to maximize every moment of my existence and to live my life to the fullest.

It’s a reminder of all the things I’d like to achieve in my life so that instead of pandering my time in pointless activities, I’m able to direct it towards fulfilling what really matters to me. 

I also hope you gain inspiration from our bucket list and ideas so that you can create your own version of the Millennial Bucket List!

Millennial bucket list

✓ = Completed Goal

  1. Skydive ✓
  2. Run A Half Marathon ✓
  3. See The Pyramids In Egypt
  4. Write A Book and Get It Published
  5. Donate Blood
  6. Learn To Surf ✓
  7. Learn To Play The Piano ✓
  8. Go Parasailing
  9. Go Boating ✓
  10. Give a Best Man Speech ✓ 
  11. Go White Water Rafting
  12. Buy A House ✓
  13. Go Scuba Diving
  14. See The Northern Lights
  15. Swim With Dolphins
  16. Volunteer ✓
  17. Get A Tattoo
  18. Spent Night In A Log Kabin
  19. Go Hiking ✓
  20. Go On A Cruise
  21. Get a Six-Pack (lol) ✓ 
  22. Ride An Elephant
  23. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
  24. Go To Paris ✓ 
  25. Fly First Class or Business Class ✓
  26. Visit NYC ✓
  27. Go To Disney World 
  28. Bungee Jump
  29. Visit Las Vegas ✓
  30. Experience Zero Gravity
  31. Visit London
  32. Ride A Jet Ski ✓
  33. Visit Australia
  34. Ride A Segway or Hover Board ✓
  35. See The Grand Canyon ✓
  36. Visit California ✓
  37. Drive Route 66
  38. Attend Mardi Gras In New Orleans
  39. Be An Extra In A Movie
  40. Go On A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  41. Go Sailing
  42. Meet Someone Famous ✓ 
  43. Walk On The Great Wall Of China
  44. Spend New Years Eve In New York City ✓
  45. Ride In A Helicopter
  46. Start a Business ✓
  47. Give A Ted Talk
  48. Go On A Safari
  49. Party Like Project X ✓
  50. Visit Thailand
  51. Help Someone Fulfill A Bucket List Goal
  52. Attend A Bodybuilding Competition ✓
  53. Ride In A Limousine ✓
  54. Get Out Of Debt ✓
  55. Compete In A Bodybuilding Competition
  56. Go To A Music Festival ✓
  57. Hold A Monkey ✓
  58. Hold A Gator✓
  59. Adopt A Dog ✓
  60. Visit Canada
  61. Plant A Tree
  62. Learn To Meditate ✓
  63. Visit A Winery ✓
  64. Eat At A 5 Star Restaurant ✓
  65. Star Gaze ✓
  66. Go Camping 
  67. Learn Conversational Spanish ✓
  68. Peacefully Protest ✓ 
  69. Get An Award At Work ✓
  70. Make A Difference In A Person’s Life ✓
  71. Try Paintball
  72. Read A Trilogy ✓
  73. Learn How To Shoot A Gun ✓
  74. Buy A Car ✓
  75. Learn Yoga
  76. Sing Karaoke ✓
  77. Go Ice Skating ✓
  78. Fly A Kite ✓
  79. Learn How To Fly A Drone
  80. Visit The White House ✓
  81. Feed A Homeless Person ✓
  82. Donate Clothing ✓
  83. Go To A Drive-In Movie Theatre 
  84. Get A Bachelor’s Degree ✓
  85. Say Thank You In 10 Languages
  86. Jump From A Cliff Into Deep Water ✓
  87. Learn To Dance ✓
  88. Be Published On A Popular Site ✓
  89. Visit A Castle
  90. Backpack Across Europe
  91. Serve Food At A Soup Kitchen
  92. Eat Pizza In Italy
  93. Visit The Lincoln Memorial ✓
  94. Sit In The Audience Of A TV Show
  95. Start A Blog ✓
  96. Bowl A 200+ Game
  97. Donate To Charity ✓
  98. Go Top Golf ✓
  99. Do A Themed Run
  100. Be In A Flash Mob
  101. Do A Color Run
  102. Kiss Under A Mistletoe ✓
  103. Become an Amazon FBA seller
  104. Golf 18 Holes ✓ 
  105. Participate In A 5K
  106. Be A Contributor For A News Outlet ✓
  107. Ride A Roller Coaster ✓
  108. Teach A Class ✓
  109. Swim Under A Waterfall ✓
  110. Go To A Driving Range ✓
  111. Get Married
  112. Attend A Meet Up ✓
  113. Sleep In A Hostel ✓
  114. Visit The National Monument ✓
  115. Snorkel ✓
  116. Ride A Zipline
  117. Skateboard On A Ramp
  118. Go Skyboarding ✓
  119. Go Skiing ✓
  120. Go Paddle Boarding
  121. Race A Go Kart
  122. Drive a Lambo
  123. Go On A Kayak Expedition
  124. Buy a BMW i8
  125. Diving With Sharks
  126. Learn A New Langauge
  127. Airboat Across An Alligator Infested Swamp ✓
  128. Ride ATVs
  129. Wrap A Snake Around Neck
  130. Do Something Really Dangerous
  131. Attend A Rodeo
  132. Climb To The Top Of A Tree
  133. Attend A High School Reunion
  134. Meet A Blog Reader In Person
  135. Share A Cab With A Stranger
  136. Visit Childhood Home ✓
  137. Create A Bumper Sticker ✓
  138. Create A Piece Of Art And Sell It
  139. Jump Into A Pool Fully Clothed
  140. Become a Millionaire before 30 (does 32 count) ✓
  141. Record A Song ✓
  142. Go To A Pumpkin Patch ✓
  143. Apply To Be On A Reality Show
  144. Attend A Foam Party ✓
  145. Drink From A Fresh Coconut ✓
  146. Go To A Jazz Show
  147. Attend A Poetry Reading
  148. Be A Game Show Contestant
  149. Be In A Commercial
  150. Create a Scholarship ✓ 
  151. Canon Ball In A Rooftop Pool ✓
  152. Be A Street Performer
  153. Do The Hula ✓
  154. Master A Video Game ✓
  155. Pose With A Figure At A Wax Museum ✓
  156. Read A Book Before The Movie ✓
  157. Record A Song ✓
  158. Ride A Mechanical Bull
  159. A Cirque du Soleil Show
  160. See A Ted Talk Live
  161. See A Las Vegas Show
  162. Set A Guinness Book Of World Record
  163. Walk The Red Carpet
  164. Meet a YouTuber with over 1 Million Subscribers ✓
  165. Have A Professional Photo Shoot ✓
  166. Get A Henna Tattoo
  167. Go Skinny Dipping
  168. Spend Day At Resort Spa
  169. Have My Palm Read
  170. Blow A Lot Of Money Gambling ✓
  171. Create Passive Income ✓
  172. Eat Alone At A Restaurant ✓
  173. Have A Positive Net Worth ✓
  174. Eat A Meal Cooked By A Celebrity Chef
  175. Hunt For Wild Mushrooms
  176. Order Room Service✓
  177. Become a day trader ✓
  178. Stay At An All-Inclusive Resort ✓
  179. Go On A Cruise
  180. Attend an NBA game ✓ 
  181. Be Your Own Boss✓
  182. Make Breakfast Smoothies For a Month
  183. Catch, Cook And Eat A Fish
  184. Attend A Shamrock Fest ✓
  185. Boil A Live Lobster
  186. Drink At A Dive Bar ✓
  187. Drink At An Ice Bar ✓
  188. Drink Moonshine ✓
  189. Do Something Wild ✓ 
  190. Eat An Insect ✓
  191. Eat At A Food Truck ✓
  192. Visit An Art Museum ✓
  193. Claim Birthday Freebies ✓
  194. Learn To Use Chopsticks ✓
  195. Toss Pizza Dough In The Air
  196. Be A Tourist In Your Own Town ✓
  197. Do A Wheelie On A Bike ✓
  198. Be Present At A Birth✓
  199. Visit the National World War II Memorial ✓
  200. Do A Charity Walk
  201. Live TV Appearance ✓
  202. Try CBD Oil
  203. Give the Gift of Travel to Parents ✓
  204. Visit Amsterdam

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