John Tu Net Worth 2022

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Today, Tu focuses primarily on philanthropy, and, with a net worth of about $4.7 billion dollars according to Forbes, is a considerable force for good in the world.

Jon Tu Net Worth:

4.7 Billion

John Tu is one of the most successful men in the world – in more ways than one. If you were to simply measure success in dollar signs, then Tu would certainly make the cut. Tu founded Kingston Technology, the world’s largest computer memory company, in 1987 after immigrating to the United Tates from his native Taiwan.

A Rise from Humble Origins

Tu spent most of his childhood in Taiwan, and had an unlikely road to fortune in the United States. He was born in China, but his family fled to Taiwan in the late 1940′s. He endured a childhood of some hardship, always dreaming big and hoping to attend a top university in the United States. He finally made it to the United States during his college years, and met his business partner David Sun in Los Angeles. The two began working on different projects, and eventually founded Kingston Technology.

Surprisingly, Tu knew very little about computers or memory when he first started out in his work. It was, instead, his perseverance and business acumen that led him to success. Old fashioned hard work, however cliche it sounds to the modern ear, is indeed what brought Tu such considerable success. Kingston became a go-to company for computer memory, and is now one of the world’s leading technology companies, with a revenue of $6.5 billion dollars and more than four thousand employees.

John Tu Today

Today, Tu focuses primarily on philanthropy, and, with a net worth of about $4.4 billion dollars according to Forbes, is a considerable force for good in the world. He is the primary benefactor of the Freedom Writers Foundation, which works with troubled youths, showing them the power of a simple pen in their hands and pushing them away from drugs and violence through the creative outlet of writing. His work in philanthropy has drawn much praise, and it is easy to see that Tu is paying his success forward.

The Lessons of Tu

The lessons you can take from John Tu’s tremendous success story are many. Above all, never become discouraged if in the moment hope seems to be hard to grasp or your dreams seem to be far away. The fact is that very few would have predicted an immigrant from Taiwan, who grew up in a poor area in which he witnessed the actions of a brutal Communist regime, to become one of the world’s richest people. It is a testament to perseverance and hard work that John Tu is the man he is today. If Tu had dwelled in the present moment, which at many times must have seemed hopeless, he would have never been able to make plans or the future and move ahead. It is important, then, to always move forward, to see the future with hope and courage.

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