The Very Real Dangers of Using Adderall to Study

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Wondering if you could use a boost to help you get past college or high school? In this post, we will discuss the very real dangers of using Adderall to study.

Whether you're in high school or in college, you likely feel a tremendous amount of pressure to earn high grades on your assignments, add internships and extracurricular activities to your resume and make money at a part-time job.

With all of these responsibilities, you likely feel tired, possibly even exhausted.

When a big test is coming up, you know that you need to cram all night once again, and you reach for Adderall to keep you awake.

Doing so is a mistake for many reasons.

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1. You weren't prescribed it for this purpose.

If you have a prescription for Adderall, it may be due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Regardless of why you have the prescription, your doctor did not write it for you so that you could stay up all night studying for an exam.

Think about all of the advice that your trusted doctor has given you throughout the years. Now, imagine what would happen if you failed to follow that advice; you'd likely have ended up in an unhealthy state.

Failing to follow directions about Adderall can result in the same consequences.

2. You could need to obtain it illegally.

When you don't have a prescription for Adderall, you would have to obtain the drug illegally in order to procure it.

As a result, you are now involved in the illegal selling and buying of prescription drugs.

Consider the moral and ethical implications of such an action. Furthermore, in an effort to perform better in school, you could actually be jeopardizing your position in the educational institution.

You may end up in serious trouble with the law as well.

3. You could overdose on Adderall.

Young adults sometimes have false notions about very real dangers. They think that since it is a prescription drug, it is impossible for them to overdose.

This type of thinking is dangerous.

As you likely know, even over-the-counter medications come with warnings about taking too many pills or doses.

If you take too much Adderall, you could overdose and die.

4. You might not be able to stop.

In your mind, you may be thinking that you're just going to use the pills for this one night to get through this one exam.

However, think about how much work you still have to complete before you earn your degree.

Chances are that if you took Adderall once, you're going to feel tempted into taking it again.

In fact, your one-time usage could very well spiral into an addiction to Adderall.

5. You're hurting your growing body.

What you need to do at this age is to nourish your body and to take care of it. It's not wise to drink excessive alcohol or taking medications that are not prescribed to you is a dangerous step.

Adderall could lead to an overdose, but it could also lead to serious medical problems, such as ones with your heart.

Also, a doctor's prescription is required for Adderall for a number of reasons, one of which is that your body might not be able to handle the drug.

6. You aren't developing useful study habits.

While your health is the most important reason why you should not use Adderall to study, you can also take into account the more minor issues that arise.

Using this substance to help you to pull an all-night study session is not actually teaching you anything about useful academic skills.

Whether you have another semester to go or are planning to attend graduate school, you need to learn how to organize and budget your time so that you can study properly.

Relying on a pill does not allow you to do so.

7. You could play a role in a growing issue.

When you consider how much you tell your friends about your life, you probably realize that it's quite a bit.

In the event that you let them know about how you used Adderall, they might feel as though they want to do the same.

As a result, you are playing a role in further developing a problem that is already serious.

Are people really considering using Adderall to study?

Yes. In fact, over 25,000 people search for these terms on Google every month:

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These are all search terms related to “using adderall to study”. In summary, Adderall is a prescription drug that is prescribed to individuals who are in need of it. When you're struggling with your academics, seek the assistance of your teachers and advisers.

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