Should You Give the Gift of Travel to Your Parents?

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When it comes to giving the gift of travel, it's more than just booking flights or buying hotel gift cards. No matter the occasion, travel is an ideal gift for your parents.

It’s a good thing to show your love and appreciation to the people who have helped you tons in life. There are few ways you can do that to your friends and to random strangers who unexpectedly lend you a hand whenever you need it along the way, and it feels good to recognize their kindness.

More than those people outside of the home who care for you, your parents are the most important people who have guided you and who have taken extra good care of you since when you were in your mother’s womb to when you've already known how the real world works. They were, they are and they will always be the ones never turning their backs on you. You know the sacrifices they have made and the hard paths they have taken for the sake of your good, so it’s just best that you show them your biggest effort in appreciating and acknowledging them as well.

There are tangible and intangible things which you can give your parents as a gift, but here’s one that is tangible but can give intangible, beautiful memories: a travel ticket! It could be a plane ticket, ship ticket or whatever transportation it is as long as it’s for travel! Yes, letting your parents travel the country and/or the whole world is one of the best gifts you could give them as their child. Of course, you can find ways to travel for free and it always be worth it. Why?

Here are 5 reasons why a travel ticket is one of the best presents you could give your beloved parents:

#1: They aren't getting any younger

Whether you like it or not, everyone ages and grows older. Your parents are not exempted. It’s sad to think that your parents are not as physically strong and active as they were in their younger years. You want them to stop aging and to just stay in their age right now, but that’s just not going to happen. Everybody grows old.

While your parents can still move from here to there, transfer to and from different transportation rides and withstand long travel hours, let them experience traveling to other countries and other local places you have never been to before. While it’s not yet inconvenient for them to enjoy adventures, plane flights, road trips, and youthful activities, make them travel.

When they grow old and weak as part of the human body’s natural aging process, there will be many things and places which will no longer be suitable or comfortable for them. Age is just a number, but not hiding the truth, it has a huge part in people’s life changes especially in the physical aspect. While they can still hike mountains, ride roller coasters, row kayak boats, jump off trampolines, endure icy cold snow and do fun and energy-demanding activities, let them travel and enjoy!

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#2: They deserve to unwind

If you are stressed with your own personal concerns, work tasks and everything else going on inside your head, how much more would it be for your parents? Well, it’s not so proper to compare people's struggles, but just take a look at your parents who are thinking about their personal problems, your own good, the whole family’s needs and even other people’s need for help? In short, they have everything to care about.

If you are hurt, your parents are hurt. If the family is facing a huge conflict, your parents are the most affected ones, yet they have to stay strong and wise for everybody’s sake. Even if parents smile and happily do their tasks, deep inside, they also get sad, tired and disheartened because of life’s stresses.

Do something to let them ease off, relax and rest. They need to spend a lovely break away from the city’s noise and the problems’ presence. Take them somewhere refreshing and new! Famous tourist spots, sceneries and nature sites are among your greatest options!

Even for a short time, your parents will truly be comforted and invigorated. It’s not bad to step out of the unruly situations for them to breathe in and out even for a while. That will absolutely help. They can go back with a clearer and more peaceful mind and body to fix things and manage obstacles better.

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#3: They may be too busy to realize they need a vacation

Parents are busy — at work or at home or both. They have so many responsibilities to be fulfilled as parents, as spouses, as workers, as citizens of the country, as humans. Sometimes, they even hardly spend time talking with you or taking care of themselves because they are loaded with unending household chores, work errands, urgent appointments, and the list goes on! They’re busy, and that cannot be denied.

This is a good reason for you to take them out for a big break. They are too busy that sometimes, they forget that it is also important to take pleasure in things that do not tire them out too much, but in things solely meant for relaxation. They can be busy, but again, mellowing out for some time is actually necessary; it’s not optional.

It’s just right to see the beautiful and amazing world out there, out of the walls and corners of the house and of the office. Bring your parents to mesmerizing views and tourist spots! Countless of them are there!

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#4: Parents don't ask for much

One of the most touching things you can see as a child is that your parents don’t really ask for much when the time comes that you’re already working and earning your own money. They are happy and proud to see you achieve things successfully, and there’s no amount of money that could top that.

Well, while they don’t really ask for anything grand as a “payment” for their efforts, you should know that they deserve so much of the good things in life! Even if they don’t say it, you should know at least that in their hearts, they are also hoping that you’d appreciate and recognize them. Without even thinking of that, you should know that it’s just the right thing to do — to let your parents feel rewarded and loved because they are worth it.

Giving them a chance to travel is a very beautiful gift that would make them feel that you’ve been thinking of them as you reach your goals in life, with them behind you!

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#5: They are always there for you

The best parents are selfless. That’s it. You know when your parents give you even the last bite of their favorite bread, when they stay up late to wait for you coming home from work, when they give up their time with friends just to spend time with you during your rare vacant weekends, when they give you their jacket even if it’s freezing cold because you left yours.

In little and big things, parents think of their children’s welfare and happiness, even if it means sacrificing a part of what’s important to them.

The time they took care of you inside your mother’s womb, it’s the beginning of their selflessness as parents. They provide your needs so you can live properly sustained, and they give you your wants as well so you can be happy.

Now, when it’s time that you yourself can provide for them, let them enjoy themselves as they travel. Think of them and their happiness too. They are precious. Seeing your parents’ smiles will undeniably make you realize even more what it feels to be selfless yet overjoyed.

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The Bottom Line

Parents are the best people out there who deserve your best appreciation and gratitude! Taking them to travel around the globe is just one of the best things you can do to repay them even though there’s no way you can ever outweigh every good thing they have done for you. Even though it’s monetarily expensive, the memories you can have with your parents and the joy you can give them will unquestionably be incomparable; you can give them something that no amount of money can ever match.

Got 5 minutes to spare? Here are some more travel tips I’ve found over the years:

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Nicole Ann Pore
Nicole Ann Pore
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