How Long Does Dave App Take to Deposit Money?

Are you wondering how long does Dave App take to deposit money? Then you're in the right place.

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How long does dave app take to deposit money?

Dave App is a personal finance app that offers a range of financial services, including budgeting tools, cash advances, and banking features.

One of the key benefits of using Dave App is the ability to deposit money quickly and easily into users' accounts.

Timely deposits are essential for users who rely on Dave App for their daily financial needs, whether it's paying bills, making purchases, or managing their savings.

For this reason, it is important to understand how long Dave App takes to process deposits and to be aware of any possible delays or issues that may arise.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a comprehensive guide on how long it takes for Dave App to deposit money into users' accounts, as well as strategies for optimizing the deposit process.

What is Dave?

dave app

Borrowing money from Dave is easy. There’s no minimum balance required and you’ll only pay $1 per month for cash advances.

Pay $1 more to gain access to budgeting tools and the ability to connect your external bank account. For example, you can choose automatic budgeting to find out how you can save money. 

Admittedly, Dave doesn’t offer a high-yield savings account or a credit-building option. With a Dave account, however, you can use your debit card to spend without the fear of paying overdraft fees. Any cash advances you take out for overdrafts come with no interest or credit checks. 

Dave gives you access to over 32,000 ATMs and the chance to transfer funds of up to $1,000 five times per month from an external account. You can also find local gigs with Side Hustle by Dave to earn even more to put into your new account. But we have to say our list of gigs near you is equally as good.

How Long Do Advances Take?

Dave offers 3 methods to transfer money and advances to your account. When you take an advance, there are several options that you may have the option to select.

Please note, we always recommend checking within your account first since members may have different in-app experiences.

Dave Spending account

Your funds will be ready in seconds! This is the fastest way to get your money and a reduced express fee applies.

External debit card

Funds are sent express to your debit card and are ready within 1 hour. An express fee applies to external debit card transfers.

External bank account

Funds are sent as a bank transfer and you will receive the funds in up to 3 days. There is no fee to send the funds to your external bank account. Weekends do not count as business days. An advance taken on Wednesday may arrive the following Monday.

About ExtraCash™

With an ExtraCash™ account, you can build and manage an emergency fund of up to $500 or use it to take additional money in-between paychecks, if eligible. Think of it as your solution for unexpected expenses.

ExtraCash™ advance

If you need access to additional money in between paychecks, they got you covered so you can get paid today. Get ExtraCash™ from Dave by overdrafting your account up to $500, if eligible, without incurring large overdraft fees you might see at other banks.

There’s no interest, credit check, or late fees. A small service fee and eligibility criteria apply.

Your advance eligibility amount is determined by analyzing your financial health using a wide variety of data points, and your recurring income date is set as your settlement date.

These include:

  • At least three (3) recurring deposits
  • Income history and spending patterns
  • A total deposit of $1,000 or more monthly, to get a higher advance amount
  • If you set up your external account, Dave will also verify that your account has a minimum 60-day history and check for any recent negative balances

Based on these factors and more, the advance amount you are eligible for updates daily and each day, the limit may change.

Other Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Albert – Get $250

albert app

Albert and apps like it allow you to open a checking account with a debit card that you can use to spend your hard-earned funds up to two days early.

There’s no minimum balance required and you pay a monthly fee that you think is fair. With an Albert checking account, you can qualify for cash advances up to $250 and up to 20% cashback on select purchases.

Plus, there are over 55,000 ATMs that work with Albert as well.

Albert also offers the Save Smarter program, which picks out ways you can save based on your budget. You can also take advantage of Genius Guided Investing to invest in stocks and funds for as little as $1.


brigit app

You won’t have to open an account to get your paycheck up to two days early with Brigit. This app helps you diagnose and improve your financial well-being without requiring a minimum balance.

However, you’ll have access to cash advances. For example, you can earn a $250 instant cash advance to build credit.

Brigit offers two plans: one is free while the Plus Plan costs $9.99 per month. With the free plan, you can see insights into how you spend money to better stick to your budget.

However, you’ll need the Plus Plan to qualify for Auto Advance, which covers any overdraft charges, as well as flexible repayment terms and the credit-builder feature.

The paid plan also offers identity theft protection up to $1 million. Best of all, Brigit also gives members access to new part- and full-time jobs. 


empower app

Cash advances and cashback are achievable with an Empower account. There are no minimum balances, monthly fees, credit checks, or late fees. Access over 37,000 ATMs with your Empower debit card or request cash advances of $25, $50, $75, or $100. 

As long as you pay your balance by the next paycheck date, you’ll never pay interest. You can also upgrade to the Empower Thrive account. As long as you make on-time payments, you’ll start with a line of credit of $200. Continue to make on-time payments to increase that line of credit to $1,000. 

Stay Proactive with Apps Like Dave

Receiving your paycheck a few days in advance can really help those who are struggling to make ends meet. That’s probably why get-paid-early apps are so popular, especially since there are no penalties for getting paid up to two days early.

We hope you’ve found this article and the get-paid-early apps listed in it useful in improving your financial situation. A penny saved might be a penny earned, but a cent earned two days early can certainly make a difference.

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