How Much Money Do You Get In Monopoly?

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Monopoly is a popular board game in the United States. It was first introduced by Charles B. Darrow (early time of 1934) but officially launched by Parker Brothers in 1935. Currently, Monopoly is published in 114 countries with 47 languages in different editions. The new owner of the game Monopoly is now the toy company, Hasbro.

In Monopoly, it’s all about cash going in and out of a central bank. Two or more players are needed to roll the dice, buying or trading properties (houses, hotels, railroads). Monopoly money consists of 7 numbers of cash in different colors. The more property you can buy, the more you collect rent, thus, get rich and make money instantly. When all the other players go bankrupt, you win. In the end, you will have all the properties/money at Monopoly. People love to play Monopoly with friends, family. Current editions have added new fun to this game.

About Monopoly Money

Monopoly is a good money-making game if you don’t cheat, of course. Everyone is familiar with the terms “Monopoly money”, “land on free parking”, or “get out of jail with free card”. The more money you will have, the more chance to win in the end.

There are some rules and guidelines on how much money need to start the game, what is the limit of the bank or what to do if it runs out of cash.

Monopoly Money

Monopoly money is denominated in

  • 20 Orange $500 bills
  • 20 Beige $100 bills
  • 30 Blue $50 bills
  • 50 Green $20 bills
  • 40 Yellow $10 bills
  • 40 Pink $5 bills
  • 40 White $1 bill

In recent editions, few changes are in colors. Orange colors turn into Golden, $10 bills are in Blue, $20 in brighter Green Hue, or $50 in Purple. Also, there are now 30 of each cash. In the mega online edition, $1000 bills are available too.

What is the Beginning Amount?

If you are new at the game, you need to know how much you need to begin. Generally, each player starts with $1500. This amounts breaks into two $500, four $100, one $50, one $20, two $10, one $5, and five $1. At the beginning of the game, the central bank holds all 32 houses and 12 hotels.

You can hide your wealth from other players as the game continues further.

Money in the Central Bank

Before 2008, the central bank begins at $15,140. However, after September 2008, the bank starts with $20,580 accounting for inflation.

Extra Cash in Central Bank

When more players are playing, the bank can easily run out of cash. Then, you can add as much cash as you want. In that case, you can make a count of it with checkers or pokers chips of different colors of various amounts or with your own money.

However, if you want to play with real cash, you can purchase from a toy store or online. Monopoly bank never dies.

Distribution of Monopoly Money

Each player is given $1500 cash at the beginning. All the rest of the cash goes to the bank. As the game proceeds, players start buying properties. If a player doesn’t want to buy the property, he/she lands on it. The bank can start an auction. The highest bidder gets that.

The money can be loaned through the banker or the player whose money you want to borrow. One must act as a banker who will control the resources/properties/money. He/she must be a good auctioneer. The banker is in charge of all title cards and distributes money.

The distribution of the money changes through Monopoly game editions.

How to play Monopoly?

Let’s discuss how to play Monopoly.

Numbers of Players

Monopoly game is played by 2 to 8 players. The players move around the board to buy or sell properties to get richer to win.

Components of Monopoly

The main components required to play are:

  • Money
  • 1 board
  • 2 dices
  • 32 houses and 12 hotels
  • 28 title cards to signify ownership given to players
  • 16 chance and 16 community chest cards
  • Tokens for each player

How to Start Monopoly Game?

  • First, stack the all chance and community chest cards on board in the right space.
  • All players need $1500 cash to start.
  • All players choose a token to move around the board.
  • One player must be selected as the banker. He/she will hold all the properties and maintain the cash flow in/out of the bank.
  • Each player needs to roll the dice twice to begin. The game continues clockwise.
  • Tokens move according to the value rolled with dice.
  • The corresponding action will be taken when a player lands on a space.

The Board Spaces and Actions

Each space represents a specific property. Monopoly has a total of 40 spaces with 28 properties, including 22 Streets, 4 Railroads, and two utilities (3 Chance spaces and 3 Community Chest spaces). The other spaces are a Luxury Tax space, an Income tax space, 4 corner squares –Go, Free Parking space, Visit Jail and Go to Jail.

  • If a player lands on an unowned property, he/she needs to buy it. If another player lands on your property, collect rent from him/her. The value of each property is written on the space.
  • If someone lands on Free Parking, he/she gets nothing.
  • If someone lands in Jail, he/she may need to borrow money from others.
  • If a player lands on Chance space and draws the card, he/she needs to perform the action written on that card. Then return the card at the bottom of piles.
  • If a player lands on Tax space has to pay tax.   
  • If a player lands on Go space or passes it, will get $200 from the bank.

Top 9 Visited Properties

  1. Illinois Avenue- $1,100 rent.
  2. B&O Railroad- $25 rent.
  3. Kentucky Avenue- $1050 rent.
  4. New York Avenue- $100.
  5. Indiana Avenue
  6. Reading Railroad
  7. Tennessee Avenue
  8. Pennsylvania Railroad
  9. St. James Place

Rules & Guidelines of Monopoly

There are some rules depends on where are you standing at the game. The higher space you pass through, can collect rent more or buy it.

  • Try to buy the highest-priced properties at the beginning.
  • If a player lands on your property, collect rent from him/her.
  • If you roll the dice and get some numbers, you’ve to roll again. This is called rolling doubles. But if you get three doubles constantly, visit jail.
  • When you are in jail, you have 3 ways to come out. Roll dices with the same numbers, or draw a “get out of jail free card” from chance or community chest cards. You can buy this card from other players with cash.
  • You can also pay $50 to pass the dice and move on next space.
  • If you own all properties of the same color, rent gets double. Thus you can earn more money.
  • Each property must have a house to increase the rent.
  • If a bank runs out of cash, players can buy it. He/she either has to wait for a hotel or house to be sold back to the bank or sell their own house/hotel to the bank at half price.
  • You can mortgage your property to the bank if needed. But you will get no rent if other players land on it. You have to pay a mortgage along with 10% more to lift it.

How to Make Money in Monopoly?

The simple answer is, win the game. Monopoly game will end with only one player while others go bankrupt. As long as you will have the highest-priced or all the same colored properties, you will have a chance. It is up to you how you play this game.

You have to make smart strategies to save your own assets while making others to spend.

  • Develop your properties as fast as you can.
  • Buy orange and red properties as they have higher values.
  • Don’t try to “go to jail”.
  • Make sure you don’t make three doubles in a row.
  • Don’t save money at the beginning.


Monopoly is a serious money-making game but for fun. Play as long as you can to understand the strategy and win it. For the serious players, keep a calculator with you to track your buying, selling or mortgage, or rent. Monopoly is also good for young kids as they have to do quick addition/subtraction throughout the game. This game is not only for making money or time-pass but also a useful kit for kids. Everyone can test their skills, sportsmanship through this adventurous game, Monopoly.

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