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Is Uber Pass Worth It? (Uber Ride Pass Review)

is uber ride pass worth it

There is a Uber subscription service called “Ride Pass” and costs $24.99 each month for guaranteed consistent prices no matter what. Is it worth it?

  • Uber Pass and Eats Pass are currently available in select cities as subscription offers.
  • For a monthly fee, you can subscribe to a pass that gives you access to benefits including savings on rides and Uber Eats orders.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically. The monthly fee is non-refundable once charged to you, however, you can cancel and elect not to renew at any time.

Uber is the ever-expanding on-demand app that has revolutionized the travel industry around the world. The business model of Uber is simple: connecting drivers and riders.

Uber’s simple yet transformative business model made it billions of dollars in just eight years after it was founded.

Two years ago Uber launched “Uber Ride Pass” across the United States and specific states. The Uber ride pass works to offer a fixed rate up to a certain distance and a discount on the longest routes.

Should you sign up?

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Purchasing a Pass

To purchase a pass from your Uber app, tap the menu in the top left-hand corner and select ‘Pass’. From here, you can view the subscription offer available to you and complete your purchase.

In the Uber Eats app, tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner and select ‘Pass’ from the menu. Similarly, you’ll be able to see the pass offer from here and purchase.

If that process isn’t working, or you’re having trouble completing your purchase, please try the troubleshooting steps below:

– Download the latest version of the Uber app
– Make sure you have a strong internet or data connection
– Try using a different payment method

If you’re receiving an error message when trying to purchase a pass through your app, you can also try purchasing online.

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still unable to complete your purchase, passes may not be currently available in your area.

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Should Is Uber Pass Worth It?

The monthly subscription service by Uber, called “Ride Pass” gives you guaranteed consistent prices no matter what so you can travel for cheap.

So even if there high demand or surge pricing — your price is already locked in. This doesn’t amount for tipping (yes, you should tip your Uber driver).

This means that you’re still paying the normal rate for the ride as you would, however, you won’t get charged extra for surge pricing.

Uber states that it’s best for those who “want to confidently plan your day with Uber without any unwelcome surprises.”

Uber “Ride Pass” costs $24.99 a month in Austin, Denver, Miami, Orlando, and Los Angeles. However, you can easily make $50 a month to cover the costs with these simple ideas.

So it’s best for those who tend to use Uber on a consistent basis and face surge pricing during peak hours (getting to and from work). You might end up saving money by locking in the normally priced fairs and the $24.99 will pay for itself, especially if you use Uber more than 3 to 4 times a week.

If you normally use Lyft, they also have a similar service that costs $299 for 30 free rides that are under $15 per month.

Bottom line: Is Uber Pass worth it? It is ideal for people who often travel between two locations daily in order to avoid surge pricing. Whether you go home from the office or go to the gym.

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