5 Daily Nutrition Rules That Improve Health and Raise Productivity

Wondering how to improve your health and raise productivity? We'll share 5 daily nutrition rules that you should be following.

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If the only thing that concerns you is simply losing some weight, that can be fully controlled by nothing more than balancing calories in and calories out. You can also fine tune things by adjusting your macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat). This can help you reach your goals even faster. On the other hand, for maximum health and productivity, you have to dig a little deeper.

Unfortunately, too many of us struggle with two issues. We don’t have the time to consider what we are putting into our bodies. It’s also a struggle to understand exactly how nutrition truly impacts our health, focus, and energy. Worse, this is a topic where pseudoscience is rampant, and folks seeking to sell bogus supplements often have the loudest voices.

So, forget powders, fads, and ridiculous cleanses. Instead, check out these 5 daily nutrition rules. Follow them and your diet will contribute to your health and productivity.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Productivity

Wondering how to improve your health and raise productivity? Here are 5 daily nutrition rules that you should be following:

1. Snack on a Mix of Protein Fats and Healthy Carbohydrates

Every macronutrient plays a role in giving you short and long term energy, as well as making you feel full. Leave one out, and you’ll be imbalanced. Keep in mind that carbs can include grains, but also fruits and vegetables. There are also foods like Greek yogurt that doubles as a protein and fat source. Here are some easy snack combinations that contain the mixtures that you need:

  • Plain Greek Yogurt with Fruit
  • Whole Wheat Toast with Nut Butter Topped with Banana
  • Apples and Nut Butter
  • Raw Nuts and Dried Fruit
  • Sliced Tomato Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Tuna Salad on Sliced Cucumbers
  • Baby Carrots and Pita Triangles with Hummus
  • Raw Vegetables with Bean Dip
  • Celery and Greek Yogurt Dip

Katelyn Leech covers health topics at Fly Writing. She explains, “By eating healthy snacks, you stay energized throughout the day. By planning them, you can avoid absent-mindedly grazing on junk.”

Not only that, your snack choices can help you to balance out your diet so you get in all of the nutrients that you need.

2. Avoid Processed Carbs and Sugars

Cupcakes, pies, chips, bread made from processed flours, candy, and other similar foods are processed carbs. Your body digests them quickly and they spike your blood sugar. Yes, they can be good for a short burst of energy. Unfortunately, they are nearly always followed by a crash. That’s not a great formula for productivity.

Should you give these foods up completely? Not if you are going to feel deprived.  Instead, save them for treats and special occasions. Then, splurge. Indulge in the highest quality and tastiest version of these snack foods that you can find.

“If you can’t resist during the day, be smart. Keep indulgent snacks within your daily calorie limits, and consider eating healthier versions,” suggests Brandon Prince, a natural food enthusiast and Best UK Writers editor. “For example, pair a small square of dark chocolate with an orange, or eat whole grain chips or air-popped popcorn.”

3. Don’t Overthink Fats and Carbs

While there is some evidence that carb reduction can facilitate weight loss, the best diet is a healthy one that you can stick with. If you feel constantly hungry and your energy fluctuates too much, try adding some healthy fats and lowering your carb intake. If you feel sluggish and overly full, back down on fats and try some slow carbohydrates.

Whatever works for you, remember that healthy eating is your priority. Remember that a diet full of fatty processed meats may be low carb, but it’s hardly healthy. Likewise, meals full of white pasta, refined bread, and white rice may be low fat, but they aren’t necessarily good for you either. Stick with healthy fats from plant sources and high fiber carbs.

4. Eat Plant Based Proteins a Few Times a Week

Nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, tofu, and other products are great alternatives for protein. They are inexpensive, filling, and versatile. Many are full of fiber and healthy fats. They have an amazing nutritional profile. People who eat plant-based proteins enjoy many health benefits.

Consider participating in Meatless Monday each week and spend a day eating a plant-based diet. It’s healthy and good for the environment. Then, pick a couple of other meals and snacks each week where you replace animal-based proteins with plants. For example, order the vegetarian option at your local Mexican restaurant, or top a salad with drained chickpeas instead of tuna or chicken.

5. Don’t Forget to Eat Oily Fish

Oily fish are full of healthy nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids. This is great for your brain and overall health. Not only this, these fish are versatile, filling, and full of protein. Perhaps the most well-known oily fish is salmon. If that doesn’t appeal to you, consider mackerel, sardines, trout, tuna, and herring.

“Just remember that smaller fish like sardines have short life cycles. This means they are much less likely to contain toxic levels of heavy metals,” adds Sami Harper, content editor at TheEssayTyper.

Of course, this shouldn’t put you off of salmon or larger fish. For most of the population, there is no risk to eating these fish a couple of times a week. Still, if you love to indulge in fish, consider mixing things up. Finally, if the idea of sardines or herring brings up images cheap, unappealing canned or jarred fish, reconsider. Small fish are trending in the culinary world. This means your fishmonger may have some fresh for you.

Okay, is fish just not your thing? Try some fish oil supplements from your local health food store. Many brands no longer leave you with a fishy smell or taste in your mouth.

Ready to Implement These Small Changes to Improve Your Health?

You have to approach life with intensity and energy in order to succeed. If you aren’t fueling your body with the right foods, you simply cannot do that. Good nutrition leads to energy and productivity today. It leads to health and longevity tomorrow. Feed yourself well. Eat plenty of plants. Consume healthy fats. Get good lean protein, and eat a variety of foods. Don’t forget to treat yourself as well. This is what will keep you on track in the long run.

Finally, get to know your own body. This is not a one size fits all area of study. What works for one person may need some adjustment before it works for you. Eventually, you will zero in on the nutrition plan that gives you the best results.

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