10 Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida)

Miami doesn't need an introduction. You know it's beaches and sunny weather, but is there anything else to do? Here are the best things to do in Miami.

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For centuries, Miami has been a premier vacation destination. And according to the latest reports from Biz Journal, this tropical city is not any less popular.

Whenever I visit Miami it's usually on business and revolves around me finding ways to make money while in Miami.

But there is more to it that it — Miami features countless impressive features, exquisite works of art, and outstanding structures, all of which are worth your while. However, the most fascinating aspect of this coastal city is its inviting sunny weather and breathtaking sandy beaches.

Commanding a prime stretch of open Blue Ocean, complete with a vibrant bay, Miami seems like the perfect 2020 destination. Today, vacationers visit the city in their thousands if not millions.

But sandy beaches and tropical alone cannot make a place a city that electrifying. There are a ton of beach vacation destinations in the Americas including Cancun, Maui, Outer Banks, and Naples among others.

So, obviously, there must be more about this magical city that few people have little idea about. If you visit Miami for some sun and sand, definitely will get you a fair share of the pie. Sadly the fun ends there for most vacationers. 

Apparently, that's barely a fraction of what this enchanting city has on offer for you. From the high-end designer stores to museums to Cuban sandwich to salsa dancing and animal reserves Miami is a bustle of countless fun activities for just anyone. So, if you want to elevate your experience and spice up your stay here is your chance.

Top Ten Best Things to Do in Miami in 2023

In this comprehensive and elaborate post, we have highlighted the top ten best things to do in Miami. Have a look!

1. Visit the Iconic South Beach

Don't even try denying the fact that a sandy beach is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Miami. And considering its inviting summer weather and extensive seafront, your impressions are totally understandable.

If you have been to Miami before, we can all agree that South Beach is one of the best locations to soak up some rays. An extension of the iconic Miami Beach, the south beach is a quintessential Miami experience. It is located just outside the city center to allow your mind to drift away from the bustle and hustle of the unforgiving urban life. Specifically, the warm scenic sandy beach is strategically situated between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and thus, a cool breeze sweeps will often sweep inland to deliver a cooling effect from the hot Florida sun.

Just as its name suggests, South Beach is the southernmost part of the entire Miami oceanfront. Even so, it is easily accessible by foot via Lummus Park, which runs along Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th streets. Definitely worth checking out on your stay in Miami.

2. Tour the Art Deco Museum

Miami is an accommodative city that captures various interests and personalities. Besides its warm sandy beaches, this magical town also showcases a rich cultural heritage in the field of art. And if you happen to be an avid historian interested in culture, art or architecture, the art Deco Museum would be an excellent place to visit.

The museum allows tourists and locals to better understand the architectural heritage and community culture of Miami Beach. It is a little museum that gives you all the history of the Art Deco neighborhood and how it was almost lost to new construction (great to read about how it was saved). Miami Beach would have lost its allure without it after all.

They also have an exhibition on the fight for women to vote which takes you back in time. Generally, the Deco art museum is an educative and informative place where you can learn about the architectural heritage of Miami Beach and better understand the culture of the community around.

Comprising a comprehensive resource center, numerous amusement areas for kids, and surrounded by exotic eateries, this facility is virtually self-sufficient and an idealist for a family outing. Additionally, it is easily accessible and strategically located for public transportation. With that, there is no reason why you should not visit this enchanting little museum.

Top tip: Normally, the Deco art museum opens from 10 am to 5 pm. The only exception is on Thursdays where it closes at 7 pm.

3. Admire the Artistic Wynwood Walls

If you are on Instagram, most probably you know the Wynwood Walls. Recognized as Miami's most Instagrammed spot, this open-air gallery is a cornucopia of muralists and graffiti artwork. Its artistic background is a wealthy collection of creative and imaginative abstract paintings and extra-terrestrial sculptures ideal for photography. Whether a family photo or just a photo with friends, this place is your ultimate spot in Miami. And it's easy to see why.

First and foremost, the Wynwood walls capture the intriguing work of famous artists like Aiko, a Japanese artist living in Brooklyn, Lady Pink, an Ecuadorian artist and many more. Additionally, it features dozens of murals by Shepard Fairey, an undeniably talented and unrivaled artist, whose incredible skills are evident in the Obama's “Hope poster”.

4. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Are you planning a family vacation to Miami? Great idea! But if you have small kids, some of the adult's spots may not be as intriguing. And that's where the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden comes in.

Covering nearly eighty-four acres, the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden boasts of a holistic collection of tropical vegetation comprising exotic plant species such as the petticoat palm. The garden is also a bounty of wonderful flowers to create an enchanting scene that mimics a countryside environment. Every square inch of the garden is sympathetically organized with each plant species located in a specified area thus making it easy to navigate even with children. For an even more impressive view of this tropical garden, you can quickly hop aboard one of the tram tours which will take you around in just 45 minutes.

To crown it all, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden also features offers you an exquisite opportunity to participate in one of the most colorful fairs in the continental USA, the wings of the tropic exhibition where forty different exotic butterflies' species engage in a colorful display of aerial acrobatics.

5. Design District

With dozens of boutiques, stores and showrooms, the Miami design district is irresistible, especially if you have a few extra dollars. Miami is a metropolitan rich in both ancient and modern art and design. While the Deco Art museum offers a wide collection of hereditary art, the Design District is the true depiction of modern design. Here, you will find a wide assortment of popular clothing stores, boutiques, and jewel dealers. There is an exciting lineup of handbags and accessories with most featuring the iconic Louis Vuitton and Hermès style. Adding to this, you will also find a wide range of jewelry and watches including the famous Rolex, Tiffany & Co. brands.

Whether buying the items or just window shopping this design center has it all that you need to look glamorous and unique. And more fascinatingly, you can do all this in sexy tropical attire and a glass of cold exotic juice on your hands!

6. Explore Jungle Island

If you ever had the urge to quit your job and travel, Jungle Island would your ideal go to destination to start off your adventures. A major attraction to this magical city, Jungle Island is popular for its scenic environment for adventure and entertainment. The intimate zoological park is the home to some of the world's rarest animal species including Liger, a mix of a lion and tiger, white lions, mountain goats and a wide variety of birds.

In addition to the incredible zoo, where you can feed a mountain goat, take a picture with a liger or a white lion, jungle island boats of a lush canopy of tropical vegetation and natural landmarks such as waterfalls and many more.

Located between south beach and downtown Miami, this 18-acre property is accessible and takes only minutes from south beach. All in all, the Miami Jungle Island is serene, inviting and adventurous for just anyone with a taste of nature.

7. Therapy-IV Deep Sea Fishing

Crystal clear blue tropical waters within the continental USA seems like a far-fetched dream. However, in Miami, this is a sure thing! In and around the Miami bay, the tropical waters are perfect for a pretty gaze from your lounge. Not mentioning the cool breeze that sweeps in every afternoon. But this just a fraction of what this enchanting oceanfront offers. 

If you love fishing, you might have landed yourself the deal of a lifetime. Today, there are various deep-sea fishing facilities stationed all along the South Beach and Miami Beach oceanfront. So, if the sunbathing seems monotonous, you can give yourself a quality experience and hop aboard captain Stan Saffan's 58-foot sportfish boat and sail out in the ocean for an eventful fishing endeavor. Plus, all the fish you catch, can be eaten for free!

8. Visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery

Situated north of Miami Beach, the Ancient Spanish Monastery is another fascinating place to visit while in Miami. A virtually living fossil dating as early as the 12th century, this prehistoric monastery is shrouded in mystery and speculations which make it a singularly interesting spot to visit.

Even so, the facility is still in operation and 3 catholic masses are held on most Sundays. So, if you are planning to visit the monastery, it is important to make a formal arrangement with the officials in charge.

9. Experience the Mystical Coral Castle

This oolite sandstone structure is beyond an iconic Miami landmark. Thought to be work of a Latvian immigrant, Edward Leedskalnin, who, it is said, for unknown reasons, between 1923 and 1951, moved an estimated 1000 tons of coral rock to build this mysterious limestone castle. Complete with elaborate carvings, fine walls, and household furniture, and built under the cover of darkness, the coral castle is a particularly peculiar and mystical structure which I am sure you would love to visit.

Legend has it that Leedskalnin built the property in honor of his 16 –year old lover who canceled their wedding one day off the ceremony. But who knows if there is something else behind this superhuman work! Besides, that's just mere speculation. All in all, the coral castle is an interesting place to visit in Miami.

10. Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures

After basking in the sandy Miami beaches, visited an ancient Spanish monastery, participated in a colorful butterfly exhibition, taken a photo with a liger or white lion, there is one more thing that you might love to do. A thriller speedboat adventure!

If you love the wide-open ocean, this is your opportunity to end your stay in Miami with a bang. The 45-minutes supersonic boat ride takes you across the Miami bay and into the blue ocean to give you an experience of this tropical city. The boats are modern and even offer deep-sea fishing lines so that at the end of it all, you can go home bragging how much of a fisherman you are. However, most are luxury vessels and despite which you board, there will always be assured of sensational club music in the background.

Each boat comes with a tour guide so that you don't have to worry about missing the main spots. On a typical day, a ticket goes for just only 38 dollars for adults and 24 dollars for kids between 3 and 11 years. Even so, the charges may vary depending on the season and services offered. Either way, this speedboat adventure is worth the time and cash.

Final Take On Best Things to Do in Miami

From stylish to intellectually-inspiring, Miami offers you an extensive range of outdoor and indoor activities. 

In addition to the destinations, there are dozens of other things you can do in Miami. However, to get the most out of this coastal city and want to return, we have only highlighted the most interesting activities to do in Miami in 2023.

So have you made up your mind on what you want to do on your trip to Miami?

Well, by now you must have already have decided where you want to visit in Miami. Lastly, you are advised to find out more about each activity to find out more about their closing and opening hours, restrictions, and accurate location and safety measures involved.

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