What are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

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No matter if you’re training for an upcoming competition or just trying to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you’ve plateaued at some point. Plateaus can occur for numerous reasons. You could grow bored with your workouts. Perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep. Or maybe you’re overtraining and not allowing your muscles to recover adequately.

Whatever the reason, plateaus can be one of the most frustrating parts of training. Fortunately, utilizing natural products like essential oils could help you break through plateaus, allowing you to begin shedding fat and building muscle again. Below, you’ll find the essential oils that could help you cut through those pesky plateaus and keep you going.

What Are Essential Oils?

Before explaining how essential oils could help improve your workouts, it’s critical that you first understand more about the product. Essential oils are not a gimmicky supplement. They are natural compounds extracted from plants. They do not contain any chemicals and are completely safe for use. If you are an athlete who is subject to drug tests, essential oils should not put you at risk of failing.

When shopping for the right essential oil, you’ll find that there are Pure Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends. Pure oils are 100 percent of one plant extract, such as:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Lemongrass

Essential Oil Blends are also 100 percent natural, but they feature multiple plant extracts in one bottle. Blends allow users to reap the benefits of using various plants at once. Blends are convenient, as customers don’t have to worry about creating a mess when trying to mix their own combinations at home or in the office.

Lastly, you should know that there are two different ways to use essential oils. Many people put the oils in a diffuser, which then disperses oil particles into the air so that they can be inhaled. The other conventional method is to apply the oils topically. Both approaches can be useful if you’re looking to boost your workouts and break through fitness plateaus.

What are The Benefits of Essential Oils?

1. Workout Motivation

If you’re struggling to find motivation and energy for your workouts, essential oils could help. For instance, orange essential oil is known to have uplifting effects. Studies have also shown that juniper essential oil could help wake up your body. Customers have found success using mint, which is not only uplifting but could potentially provide mental clarity and focus as well.

Try using the essential oil about 30 minutes before your workout, either by putting the product into your diffuser or applying two to three drops to your wrists. These oils could be especially useful for those who exercise in the morning but struggle with finding the motivation to get out of bed. If you’re not used to working out in the morning, you may want to consider these nine benefits of doing so.

2. Ramp Up The Intensity Of Your Workouts

Essential oils can allow you to make your workouts more intense by helping to improve your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that peppermint increases blood flow and oxygen during exercise. Athletes who were tested during the survey broke through plateaus by setting personal records on the treadmill. These athletes ran faster and further than they did before using peppermint.

3. Help Your Muscles Heal

Another excellent way to use essential oils is to help heal sore muscles. When you apply essential oils topically, your muscle tissue eventually absorbs them. Some essential oils, such as rosemary can help to relax the nerve impulses that cause sore muscles.

Essential oils like cypress and eucalyptus can help improve your circulation. Circulation is vital for allowing muscles to repair themselves. When lifting weights, you can tear your muscle fibers. When the tissue is able to fix itself, you can come back stronger and able to lift heavier weights. Sciencing details how blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, allowing them to repair and rebuild.

Try rubbing the essential oils onto your sore muscles after an intense workout to help promote blood flow. If you wake up sore the next morning, feel free to rub the oils on your muscles again. Also, if you have an area of the body that you find difficult to warm-up when you are working out, topical oil application could help loosen the muscles more quickly.

4. Better Sleep

A lack of sleep could be one of the most significant detriments to your health, both physical and mental. If you find yourself struggling in your workouts, a lack of sleep could be the primary cause. Getting rest allows your muscles to repair themselves, which means a lack of sleep will leave you feeling fatigued.

Fortunately, there are essential oils that can help calm you before bed and leave you with a better night’s sleep. Lavender essential oil is known to help relieve stress and insomnia. Applying lavender topically can help calm your muscles and allow you to get a full night of sleep. Similarly, putting lavender in a diffuser and turning it on an hour before bed can help relax you enough to fall into a deep sleep.

If you find that lavender doesn’t help, consider something a bit more potent like our Deep Calming Essential Oil Blend. Although lavender is the primary ingredient, the blend also contains Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Cananga, and Orange Peel. We formulated this blend especially to help:

  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Ease Tension
  • Promote calmness and well-being

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