7 Slimming Tricks That Really Work

Looking for some evidence based weight loss tips? Look no further because our slimming tricks can help you lose fat and get in shape.

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Here I bring you up to 15 ways or tips to include in your day to day and lose fat easily. A very important part as you can imagine is cardiovascular exercise and training, although this time we will focus more on other options.

Here on this occasion, we move away from the gym and we focus more on the day to day and our eating habits, which as a result will give your physique.

7 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

Looking for some evidence based weight loss tips? Look no further because our slimming tricks can help you lose fat and get in shape.

1- Change your lifestyle

We go with our first trick to lose weight , when we continue to say a kind of “program” for the loss of body fat, it is possible that it leads to failure. Why will you ask? Because a program has a beginning and an end, then after finishing normally people return to their normal habits spoiling all the work and even having a rebound effect nothing desired. If your goal is to burn fat and want to follow our tricks to lose weight the first thing is to see it as a lasting lifestyle.

Tip: Ways to Burn Calories without Gym

Do not overdo the calorie clipping, and you have to find an adequate exercise program, provide progression and offer enough variety so that you can maintain it for years to come.

2- Drink more water

The water is essential for fat loss in our body, including transportation and the loss of the same. Drinking a lot of water also helps fill our stomachs and eat less, as it gives us a feeling of fullness. Try to drink at least 3-3.5 liters a day, distributed throughout the day. The trucco is having a bottle of a liter and a half always close and so you more or less control the intake.

3- Consume fewer calories than you need

The first thing you should do is calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR), you need to know the number of calories you need in your day to day with your work routine, not including the exercise that would come to add an extra. After controlling the calories you burn during exercise, remember that cardio is essential at least 30 min. The key is eating at a calorie deficit.

Tip: Spinning a great Effective Exercise

Add the total calories between your metabolic rate and what is consumed in the gym and that total should not exceed your daily caloric intake.

4- Reduce carbs that contain starch

Consuming too many starchy foods, such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread (usually at one time), gives your body much more than your body needs for energy and glycogen. All surplus is stored in the form of fat and also in the areas that we most want to define. You should limit the total servings of these starch carbohydrates to one or two times a day at most, depending on how you will distribute your diet.

5- Full and balanced breakfast

The body consumes calories while we sleep and the first meal of the day is the most important and fundamental, which is what we should include the most caloric nutrients including carbohydrates. Breakfast is essential to start the day with energy and impact on your training. You have to eat enough protein (30-40 grams), a complex carbohydrate, such as oats, and a piece of fruit to start the day to the top.

6- Cut sugar consumption

These simple carbohydrates such as (sugars) can come in handy after weight training for our muscles and replenish the liver's glycogen stores, but in excess it can be fatal to accumulate it as fat. Reducing your sweet tooth appetite is critical, and try to limit your sugar intake to fresh fruit. Another trick would be to substitute sugary drinks such as soft drinks and juices for water, coffee, tea or diet sodas (Coca Cola Zero).

7- Rotate your hydrates

Several nutrition experts recommend rotating the days you are eating hydrates for example if you eat 200 grams for three days, change another two days to 400 grams and then return to 200 grams in the form of hydrate cycles. So we will always keep the glycogen high in our muscles and our body does not get used to a fixed diet or food.

Why am I not losing weight?

You are not eating at a calorie deficit. Either you are over-estimating the number of calories your body is using, or under-estimating the amount that you are eating.

It's easy to get tripped up, discouraged, or confused when you are trying very hard and not seeing results, but it is important to remember that weight loss is all about achieving a calorie deficit and nothing else, and the scale does not lie. You can be as meticulous in your tracking and calculating as humanly possible, but if you are not losing weight, you need to eat less.

Keep perspective, though – bodyweight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds in a day due to food, urine/feces, water retention, and glycogen, and you should be tracking a trend over at least a month before worrying.

If you are absolutely certain that you are eating in a way that should cause you to lose weight, but you have not over a long period of time, then you should consult with a doctor, as the only alternative is a disease or disorder that we cannot help you with.

Good luck utilizing these slimming tricks!

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