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Travel Burnout: Signs That You Are Traveling Too Much

travel burnout

Travel burnout is real. It may be hard to believe but even something that is as good as traveling can be overdone. People who like being at home may be unfamiliar with this concept but those who have traveled much in their lives will be able to relate with what we’re about to discuss here.

Are the weight of international ink and multiple visa stickers from traveling the world making your passport heavier? Do your friends have great difficulty in keeping track of where you are? If these are things that happen frequently to you then it is possible that you may have been bitten by the travel bug. Following are some signs that you have traveled too much:

1. A Dented Bank Account.

Certain travel plans are budget friendly such as a carefully planned backpacking trip or a long weekend away to a nearby place. But if you find yourself getting tempted to board a plane and fly across continents you know you’re about to drill a hole in your own pocket.

Add to its luxurious hotels and elaborate travel plans and the hole gets even bigger. The misery that was once restricted to the pocket slowly extends to your bank account. You may not have been particularly sad at the time of making the reservations when money was draining out of your bank account.

The anticipation of the trip somehow makes up for the lost money. But it may come back to haunt you when you’re finally back from your trip and the next payday is a good few weeks away.

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2. Your Kitchen is Bare.

If you want to know whether a house has been inhabited or not in the recent few weeks there is just one place where you should look. And that place is the kitchen.

When you spend most of your time outside the house, it goes without saying that you will come back to a bare kitchen. The refrigerators will be empty and the dishes will be stacked away in the cupboard where dust wouldn’t touch them. Your kitchen has certainly seen days of prosperity.

But the miniature bottles of spirits that you brought along with you from hotel rooms and airlines should keep you going for a while.

3. New Passport Application.

For a traveler, empty space on the passport is more valuable than you can imagine. If they got those celebratory stamps at Ushuaia and Machu Picchu it is quite possible that they could be regretting their decision.

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While carrying around a passport where every page has a stamp of a country is a matter of immense pride for a traveler, renewing it again and again can be a tedious thing to do.

4. Airlines Welcome You.

After all the time that you have spent flying to different cities and countries, you must have already become a pro at frequent flying.

You know it quite well how to spend those long hours in flight, from making the most of your air miles to charming the cabin crew, you have figured out the system so well that the air hostess and stewards don’t need to be told that you’re a frequent flyer.

5. The Bag is Always Packed.

If you never unpack your bags in your apartment because the next trip is always around the corner it is a definite sign that you have traveled a lot and that you do not mean to stop anytime soon.

Even if you have unpacked a few items it is only the bare essentials that you may have taken out and the bag is such that you can still pack it in a few minutes and leave the house at the drop of a hat.

6. Switch Off Anytime.

If you have developed the ability to cancel out the white noise and continue with what you want to do then you have surely traveled a lot. Whether it was the commotion that kept you up all night in hostel dorms or the hawkers that wouldn’t quit harassing you, you have certainly developed the ability to block out the world at will and continue with your work.

When people begin to ask you where they should go for their next vacation, it is also a sign that you have traveled a lot and that people look up to you as a traveler.

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